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The Leadership Sphere

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Pete Jensen

Consultant, Facilitator & Coach, The Leadership Sphere

Areas of Expertise

  • Enabling leadership capacity and confidence
  • Experiential learning and team development
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Behaviour based Safety Leadership
  • Developing Personal Mastery
  • Enabling Positive Wellbeing strategy and delivery
  • Training facilitators
  • Keynote speaking
  • How to create and enable a positive Wellbeing strategy
  • Lesson in Happiness from the Third world that we forgot
  • Mastering Change
  • How to leverage social wellbeing to improve mental health
  • Why ostracism is worse than bullying
  • Avoiding the downside when the ‘Work from home’ novelty wears off ( Custom Covid – 19 presentation)
  • Career History

  • Director - Larsen Jensen consulting
  • Founder - Facilitating Happiness
  • Director of Wellbeing - Art of Work
  • Speaker - The Executive Connection (TEC)
  • Speaker - The CEO Institute
  • Licensed Partner - The Real Learning Experience
  • Senior Facilitator - Safety Dimensions
  • Associate - Breakout Cultural Transformation , ANZ
  • Associate facilitator - Deakin Prime
  • Associate Facilitator - Mannaz ( DMK)
  • Senior Facilitator - Best Practice Consulting
  • Senior Facilitator - Generative HSE
  • Senior Portfolio manager - JH Isaacs ( SA)
  • Teacher - Rand Park High School (SA)
  • Background

    Pete has a burning passion to help business leaders create organisations that are great places to work in, where employees feel psychologically safe, fit and thriving.

    Over the past 15 years he has worked with over 20 000 participants around Asia Pacific delivering leadership development, culture transformation , behavioural safety leadership and enabling wellbeing masterclasses and programs.

    One of the experiences that was pivotal in his personal and professional transformation journey was being a part of the ANZ Breakout Culture Transformation program, which remains widely acclaimed as one of the best examples of a successful cultural transformation program in the world.

    Pete’s vision is to enable leaders and team members to create work and workplaces that shift from a deficit mindset of trying to manage unwanted events and behaviour, to one of enabling their people by shifting the focus to understanding what creates the presence of positives, thereby establishing a competitive edge of connection, productivity and performance, and improving quality of life.

    Pete helps organisations and leaders achieve this by delivering keynotes, speaking at industry conferences, conducting workshops and is also a sought after speaker resource to organisations such as The Executive Connection (TEC), The CEO Institute, Deakin Prime, The Golden Door, Rotary International, and others.

    Pete’s unique edge lies in his ability to create meaning, awareness, conviction and inspiration for leaders and employees at all levels of the organisation.

    Qualifications and Memberships

  • Cert IV in Training and Development
  • Accredited GLWS practitioner
  • Accredited Breakout Culture Transformation facilitator
  • What We Care About

    The issues we face today in organisations and globally will require unprecedented leadership and unprecedented levels of co-operation concurrently, to mobilise communities and organisations.

    A New Paradigm for the Future

    To make progress on our most significant issues, we need a new paradigm—one that inspires us to:

  • Act constructively in a values-driven way
  • Empower each other to take responsibility and accountability at all levels of the organisation
  • Shift our focus from problem-centric to solution-centric (positive change)
  • Make progress on the toughest issues and challenges
  • Create an environment of breakthrough performance, and high levels of commitment and learning
  • Liberate ourselves from old ways of thinking about how to manage and lead people
  • Develop systems intelligence.
  • As the industrial age wanes, new possibilities emerge to create a different paradigm of leadership. I propose a new paradigm that draws from many sources and builds on them in an integrative way.

    The mechanistic, industrial paradigm has been in existence since the latter part of the 18th century and continues to shape society and modern organisations. It is a long, slow journey, yet incredibly worthwhile.

    Our Definition of Leadership

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    Contact Details

    Phone: 1300 100 857


    Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth


    GPO Building, Level 2, 350 Bourke St, Melbourne Vic 3000