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Megumi Miki

Consultant, Facilitator & Coach, The Leadership Sphere

Areas of Expertise

  • Culture Change / Organisational Development
  • Leadership Development, particularly coaching and conversation skills
  • Personal leadership development
  • Team Development/Facilitation/Coaching
  • Change Leadership/Agility
  • Collaborative Strategic Planning
  • Large Group and Online Event Design and Facilitation
  • Career History

  • Author and Speaker, Quietly Powerful
  • Leadership & Culture Consultant, Facilitator and Coach
  • Senior Facilitator, Executive Leadership Australia
  • Change Consultant – NAB
  • Coach Facilitator – Oisin
  • Senior culture consultant, facilitator and coach – ANZ Breakout and cultural transformation
  • Senior manager, business performance analysis – ANZ
  • Strategy Consultant – Accenture
  • Background

    Megumi Miki is a Leadership and Culture consultant, author, speaker, facilitator and coach with consulting experience of 20+ years. Her experience ranges from organisational development focusing on leadership and culture, including the highly successful and innovative ANZ cultural transformation program called Breakout, to business strategy and performance analysis as a strategy consultant at Accenture.

    Megumi helps leaders and organisations to challenge the status quo, outperforming and growing by unlocking potential in the culture, leadership and individuals. Her strength lies in the ability to design and deliver interventions that has observable or measurable impact, as demonstrated through her small and large scale culture change and leadership development programs. Her work is strategic while also being practical as she draws on fields such as psychology, neuroscience, systems thinking, coaching, leadership, behaviour and mindset change, organisational development, economics and strategy.

    She founded Quietly Powerful in 2016 to help quiet professionals to succeed on their own terms and to redefine what good leadership looks like in organisations. The movement has attracted interest across Australia and globally from individuals and organisations. Her second book, Quietly Powerful: How your quiet nature is your hidden leadership strength, outlines what she discovered for herself and from successful Quietly Powerful leaders in organisations.

    Qualifications and Memberships

  • Bachelor of Economics (Honours) - Adelaide University
  • Accredited Executive Coach & Coach Facilitator - Institute of Executive Coaching
  • Accredited Facet 5 Practitioner/Facilitator
  • Accredited DiSC Facilitator
  • Accredited as a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
  • Transformational Facilitator - McKinsey & Co. and Gita Bellin
  • Process Oriented Psychology for Organisational Excellence (Stephen Schuitevoerder, Process Work Institute, Portland)
  • CINERGY Conflict Coaching (Rho Sandberg, CLE Consulting)
  • Leadership Team Dynamics (Palm Consulting, Canberra)
  • Systems Dynamics applied to Organisations (Borwick International, New York)
  • Adaptive Leadership (Social Leadership Australia)
  • Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBIT International)
  • Cert IV in Training & Assessment
  • What We Care About

    The issues we face today in organisations and globally will require unprecedented leadership and unprecedented levels of co-operation concurrently, to mobilise communities and organisations.

    A New Paradigm for the Future

    To make progress on our most significant issues, we need a new paradigm—one that inspires us to:

  • Act constructively in a values-driven way
  • Empower each other to take responsibility and accountability at all levels of the organisation
  • Shift our focus from problem-centric to solution-centric (positive change)
  • Make progress on the toughest issues and challenges
  • Create an environment of breakthrough performance, and high levels of commitment and learning
  • Liberate ourselves from old ways of thinking about how to manage and lead people
  • Develop systems intelligence.
  • As the industrial age wanes, new possibilities emerge to create a different paradigm of leadership. I propose a new paradigm that draws from many sources and builds on them in an integrative way.

    The mechanistic, industrial paradigm has been in existence since the latter part of the 18th century and continues to shape society and modern organisations. It is a long, slow journey, yet incredibly worthwhile.

    Our Definition of Leadership

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    Phone: 1300 100 857


    Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth


    GPO Building, Level 2, 350 Bourke St, Melbourne Vic 3000